Stadt Spalt (Druckversion)

The best kingly-aroma-hops

Spalter Hops was trademarked in 1538 making it Germany’s oldest hops trademark. The growing area has the most tradition in Germany. Best quality from Spalt - what an aroma!

One gram out of Spalt is enough to make the epicur happy. That’s why good beers need Spalter aroma hops. Beer brewed with Spalter hops still tastes like real beer. Ask your brewery if they use Spalter aroma hops. Only Spalter aroma hops enables quality beers.

The mild climate and the unique soil in the region around Spalt are ideal for first class aroma hops. Extensive plant ages and monocultures are not operated. The hop gardens are hand-operated with intesive care by small family farms.



Translated by Tobias Peter

Special thanks to Kyle Hoffman